Santa Rosa Plateau, Murrieta, California | Katrina + Jimmy + Chloe

I haven't posted anything in about a month due to time away from my home office. I was up in the States and had an amazing 25 days with friends and family, 10 of which were spent in Mexico City for Festival Corona Capital and to see the sights.

During my time in California, I had two weddings and several family sessions booked. It was great, and also a trip, to see a LOT of old faces from my past.  Not only past clients but people I hadn't seen or spoken to for some 15 years at least. A mini Middle School Reunion took place at the second wedding I was hired to shoot. It was incredibly bizarre and amazing to be transported to your past so quickly by just seeing an old familiar face. I had a blast and I'm eager to share those photos with you soon as well.

 For now, here's a family session I did last month while in my hometown of Lake Elsinore, California. Just a short five-minute drive from my house is the Santa Rosa Plateau -- a playground for photographers due to its luscious wildlife and the fact that it's nearly always empty during the weekdays.

I had the pleasure of photographing my old high school friend, Katrina with her lovely little growing family on a beautiful autumn day.

That gorgeous California sunshine.

Baby photo bomb! ^

This family is just adorable beyond words.

^ Always a good idea to have photos with a lot of negative space, not only because the composition looks nice but it's practical in case you'd like to add text for greeting cards later!

Hope to see them when I'm in town again next time! I left a little piece of my heart with that baby girl.


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