Celebrating Thanksgiving in Peru and Why It Still Rocks

"The First Thanksgiving",
painted by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1863–1930).
You know what my favorite thing is about celebrating Thanksgiving in Peru? NOBODY ELSE IS!

That means: NO LINES at the grocery story and EVERYTHING IS OPEN. It's amazing.

Even though most modern Limeños know what Thanksgiving is and vaguely know why it originated -- I mean, do most people in the states even know? -- it's still awesome to be here with other expats and family who have lived in the states to celebrate it with.

I see statuses on my FB Timeline from all over giving thanks on this day because of this trend that the Pilgrims and Native Americans started back in the 1700s. It makes me think about how the current meaning of a holiday celebration and family tradition can matter more than its roots.

Practicing gratitude raises our consciousness to that of peace and presence in the moment. Even though we look back on the year and on what we have accomplished and overcome, we are present on this day to everything we have; the love of those around us and the abundance of food that we are blessed enough to eat on a daily basis. On Thanksgiving, there is such a high level of conscious presence that it raises the energy of everyone as a whole -- it's a beautiful thing and what I feel is most important about this holiday.

Even in the UK, a new unofficial holiday is gaining popularity to celebrate this American tradition: Britsgiving. Which goes even more to show that this should definitely be a global holiday of giving thanks. Mayflower, shmayflower -- let's just eat and be merry! Am I right?

Our Thanksgiving Peruvian dinner last year.
Pictured here was our dinner from last year with delicious Peruvian dishes added to the usual T-day favorites. The bean stew looking thing in the clay pot is called carapulcra and it's one of my all-time faves. Click here to find out what's in it and how  you can make it too.

Today I'm looking forward to two feasts - a Friendsgiving with my expat gringo friends whom I love dearly and have spent the last few years in Lima making awesome memories with; and with my lovely parents and Peruvian family members who have adopted the tradition as their own since I came to live here back in 2011.

Aside from that I will continue with my attitude of gratitude and reflect on what an amazing year this has been. I feel blessed every single day for the opportunities I have been given, all of the love that I have in my life, and the ability to recognize it all in order to propel me forward towards my goals each and every day.

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday Season ahead. I hope that you enjoy this day with friends and fam, eat yummy foods, try not to think too much about all the Sales going on -- although it maybe be difficult -- and stay present to the wonderful gift of life.  I am thankful that you care enough about me to read this blog 'til the end.

Cyber hugs and kisses from afar. Yours sincerely, B. Bravo


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