Laguna Beach

Off of the South Coast Highway and 9th street in Laguna, there is a small entrance that leads you down a long, steep flight of stairs and onto Thousand Steps beach.

Jennifer and I spent a few hours there earlier this week taking photographs and getting chased by the current.

Fell in love with this pooch instantly.  His name is Kingston and he's a German Shepherd/Husky mix.  He plopped down on top of my foot and didn't want us to leave.  So we stayed and swooned over him for about fifteen minutes until we managed to painfully peel ourselves away... Heartbreak.

Walked past some dudes randomly building a fort and starting a fire.  I thought it was kind of awesome, in a Lord of the Flies sort of way. 

I convinced Jenn to take off her bikini top for our photo session.  She felt so comfortable after a few minutes, she started frolicking around (the beach was pleasantly empty by this time) and left her top on a rock that got devoured by some waves shortly after. bye bye bikini! Didn't seem to bother her much though.

This is my favorite beach in southern California.  I use it as my personal gym for running, stair climbing, swimming, and yoga.  After all that, meditating with the ebb and flow of the ocean is just icing on the cake.

If you enjoy my photographs and envision them hanging nicely in your humble abode or office space, matte or metallic prints are available for sale and at a discount for a limited time (until March, that's when I leave to Peru!).  I can sign them for you too, if you'd like. :)

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