I booked a gig in Oxnard last week and decided to make the trip even more worthwhile by getting acquainted with the beaches of Ventura county.

My childhood friend and amazing, sexy woman, Stacy, made the two-hour drive through treacherous LA traffic to join me for a late lunch on the pier.  Gotta give it up to her for being one of the few crazy asses, like me, that drives long distances solely for the thrill of delving into unknown territory and admiring beach sunsets.

It was Tapas Tuesdays at Eric Ericcsons. She got the veggie rolls and I ordered some delicious white fish ceviche. It was probably the best ceviche I've ever had in the states- and I love me some ceviche.
I could only take a cell phone pic before I devoured it.

The sun set behind the Channel Islands as we enjoyed our food and wine and caught up on much needed girl talk. It was the perfect girl date.

After dinner, we drove down about a mile to Main St. to park and walk around. Noticed these Simpsonsesque looking donuts when we stopped into Starbucks to grab some hot tea.

^ Sounds like a winning combo to me!

^ My hot date. We walked arm in arm down the street and I think everyone considered us lesbians.  Passersby seemed extra friendly and greeted us with a smile, it was delightful. :)

We walked into a little posh-looking boutique with a sign outside that read Le Monde.  Before even stepping foot in the store, we had already come to terms with the fact that we probably didn't have the means to shop here in good conscience, but just wanted to sniff around anyway.  
But, we were wrong! so wrong. I looked at the price-tag and thought it was a joke... I had an O in the middle of the clothing racks!
 But the store attendent was trying to close up shop and it was a bit of a struggle to pry myself away from the beautifully crafted garments and the kind of sexy/comfy shirts I needed.  But alas, it was time to go... 
 although we vowed to return again.  It would be worth the drive, it was just too good.

Stacy and I felt instantly at home that night in downtown Ventura; it reminded us of being in an extended version of our own tiny downtown back home and the locals even had a certain "charm" similar to our Elsinorian transients... super friendly, just a couple of screws loose.


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