The journey continues...

I'm really terrible at updating this thing.  So, excuse my tardiness, but I'm happy to say that things have been going very well.

Between working as a promotional rep for marketing agencies around Southern California, finally publishing my wedding photography site, and planning out my next adventures, I've been one busy little bee.

Now, I've managed to trek my way across the desert to lovely Phoenix, Arizona to get some coverage of the immigration law frenzy that's about to ensue over the course of this week and next.  A good photographer friend of mine invited me to come and shoot with the big boys. I'm grateful to be here and excited to finally apply the knowledge I've recently gained at workshops.  Hoping to create some good photos and multimedia pieces.

  The drive here was quick and relatively painless. I was a little astonished at how long my thermostat stayed above 100 degrees during the moonlit drive through the desert.  The views were something quite beautiful to gaze up at, I wish I could've taken pictures the whole time. I did manage to stop once and get a few shots in, but I saw so many more great ones as I maneuvered (safely) down the highway with the cruise control on.

Don't worry guys- I wasn't driving and shooting (like I usually do).

This morning, we stopped down at Lux Cafe to grab some free wi-fi and delicious, organic eats for breakfast.

I'll try to keep this updated as much as possible... but I always say that. So, keep bugging me. I like it.


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