Some thoughts I jotted down on my iTouch while on board some flights leaving Istanbul and London:

 Transfer from Zurich to London straight from Istanbul, and then it's back to LA.
The past two weeks feel like a dream.  Not only for the quirks of the metropolis, but for the fascinating people I met in the workshop.  So many different nationalities, walks of life, interesting stories, impressive work.

I was feeling melancholy as the plane ascended into the sky.
The calm after the storm brings forth feelings of longing to re-live it all again.
Being around fellow loners (photographers) makes me feel less alone-- we get each other.
Waves of gratitude and giggling to myself as I reminisce.  If I could just go back ... just one more day...  or maybe just one little month, that's all I need.

Reflecting on the surreality of it all:
... beers and cameras scattered along cafe tables, alley cats in every corner, walking around in circles searching for food we hadn't already tried, discovering hidden treasures and crazy characters to photograph around the huge city, tram tokens, ferry rides at sunset, dancing in the rain; becoming less frustrated with the language barrier and poking fun at awkward situations; becoming more acquainted with like-minded, passionate photographers and sharing some unforgettable memories with them. Swimming in the Bosphorus.

 It's almost difficult to recall everything that happened... all of the days sort of run together in a beautiful haze. Hard to fathom I was there for only ten days because of the huge imprint it left on me.

Traveling can change you in many ways.
You get outside of your bubble. Trek into the unknown... force yourself into uncomfortable situations. Shake things up, maybe fall in love.  Find out how short your patience is, find out how brilliant you really are.  Get serenaded on a moonlit roof.  Fall and eat shit in the middle of a crowded plaza... jus' saying... anything can happen.

 The more different types of people you meet along the way, the more you realize how much we are all the same.  We all laugh, cry, fight, complain, love, and fear alike.  Some people smell funny, walk too slow, or talk way too loud, but they might be thinking the same thing about you.
No matter how different on the outside, at the core, we are all the same-- Love permeates through all.  A smile means the same in every language, and holds virtually the same power as well; it can change almost any situation in your favor, when used correctly.

As a fellow Foundry alumnus, Christian Bobst, once told me, "It's not just the city we will miss, it's the people that made the experience what it was... and that's what we will miss the most, and makes it nearly impossible to re-create" - 'tis the beautiful tragedy of it all.
It's over.. and life resumes it's course.

But, we'll always have next year... a new adventure in a new country.
And luckily, in a place where I can communicate with the natives!
Hope to see you all again in Argentina for Foundry 2011.
Hasta luego queridos amigos!
Un abrazo fuerte - B


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