Boiling Point for Phoenix

Over the past few days, I've been documenting rallies and other events by groups in opposition of the new immigration law, SB1070, in Arizona.

Manuela Robles, 9, wrote this poem at school in response to the new law.
Prayer services were held nightly at the State Capitol lawn in the days leading up to the Judge's ruling.

Woman cries out in fear as she prays in front of the Capitol on July 28th.
Tom Horne, candidate for Attorney General, talks to media in front of the Capitol after the Judge's ruling is released.
Overnight vigil begins with Mass on the Capitol lawn on July 28th.

Vigil Procession from State Capitol to St. Matthew Catholic Church begins at sunrise, 4:30 AM on July 29th.

Interfaith Service at St. Matthew's.
Protesters gather in front of the Maricopa County Courthouse.
One of many who nearly fainted from the heat.

One of 50 protesters who were arrested during a civil disobedience act that took place in front of the courthouse.  Seconds later, he is crying hysterically and dragged off by police.  (video coming soon)
Kinda sad, but come on buddy... you signed up for it. Grow some huevos.

Vigil Procession from St. Matthews Church to State Capitol, where hundreds of Californians joined in the anti-SB1070 rally.
Storm rolls in just before Californians leave back home.

The rain started falling and we fled with our cameras for some Mexican comfort food after a very long, hard day's work.

I will be editing the audio and video I captured throughout the days as well. Still some more events going on tonight and tomorrow, but just thought I'd upload these to give you a sneak peek at what I'm seeing on my side of the lens.

More coming soon. Peace and blessings- B


  1. amazing photos brenda! u really captured the emotions of each individual. can't wait to see the video! u rock!

  2. OMG!! Those pictures are amazing!!!


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