Travel, Peru | Go Somewhere New: Ica & Chinchaycamac

Last October, about a month after returning to Peru from our wedding in Newport Beach, California, we took a trip to one of our favorite spots to escape to: Ica.

Here's an Instagram video of me singing Karen O's "Moon song." One of our faves...

We got a great Groupon deal for a bungalow in Chinchaycamac right in front of the ocean.
Since we never were able to make it to Greece like we had hoped, we consider this to be our honeymoon because it felt like the perfect getaway. Just us and the sea.

Sopa seca con carapulcra en Chincha

The following photos are of me taking advantage of my hot husband and having a camera handy...

We'll be back again, you hideaway heaven.


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