24 hours in the bay

I'm lucky to have generous friends with awesome digs who let me couch-surf during my nomadic wanderings. 

This is the view from CT and Jessica's place in downtown San Fran. 

 "Your glaze hits the side of my face"

Phó Ga at Turtle Tower and too much technology.

CT and Jessica's building

Snapped my 50mm lens back on my 5D and hopped on the BART to Ashby in Berkeley for a hot, sweaty session of Bikram Yoga with my friend, Babak.

After yoga, we had some deliciously nourishing food at Café Gratitude. We both had the Grateful bowl, which is a pay-by-donation plate with quinoa, black beans and kale. uh-mazing.


  1. these photos are dope, where are you based out of?

  2. Thanks! I'm in Riverside county right now but will be based in Lima, Peru as of March 4, 2012.

  3. whoa peru, you are going to be moving out there permanently? for photog?

  4. Until August of 2012 at least to complete an internship as a manager and to teach photography to the impoverished youth and women at a non-profit in a small town outside of Lima.

    I'll be going to the Foundry workshop in Argentina this July as well. www.foundryphotoworkshop.com you should go if you can, it's an amazing experience and fabulous for networking.

  5. wow that is so awesome! you sound like you will have the time of your life. make sure to update the blog often :)

    i have a regular job that doesnt allow me to leave and travel like you!


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