After all the turmoil surrounding SB-1070 and the uncomfortably hot weather in Phoenix, it was nice to cool down for a few days down south in good ol' Tucson, Arizona.

My old buddy, Josh, was an excellent host and drove me to a lookout point near Summerhaven, a village atop Mount Lemmon north of Tucson, for breath-taking views and tupperware dinners by twilight.

During my three-day stay, I drove down to cross the border into Mexico with an NGO called No More Deaths that provides humanitarian aid to migrants crossing the desert in the US and to people in Mexico who have recently been deported.  The pictures and audio I recorded are still on my hard drive waiting among a few other projects to be constructed, but this is definitely one worth re-visiting and delving into a bit more.

Til then, one more shot from Tucson at dusk:


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