more hike than we bargained for...

Monday afternoon, our intended two to three mile scenic stroll through Muir Woods turned into a six or seven mile, four-hour ordeal involving strenuous wooden stair climbing about 1,000+ feet up Mt. Talmapais and later running a little over a mile down a narrow highway to get back to my Jetta before dark.

The weather and the scenery were well worth the unexpected work-out.

We probably should've listened to these friendly Asians who posed for their iPhone picture like it was an album cover. They warned us that the paved trail ended ahead, but we thought they were just being lazy.

They were right. They're freakin' Asian! We should've known!!

At this point, we began to regret racing each other up so many flights of stairs and realized that we were pretty damn lost.
Partial view from the top... can't wait to see the panoramic frames he captured.
Running for our dear lives down the highway.
Well-earned New England Clam Chowder and Ale to end another spontaneous and wonderful day.


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