Floyd's Barbershop

About two weeks ago, my friend James and I went to Santa Monica to look for an interesting barber shop to photograph for a scholarship submission I'm working on (more details on that later)... and when we walked into Floyd's, I was instantly elated by the poster-plastered walls and rock 'n' roll ambiance of the place.

The shop was buzzing with clientele and a great mix of new and classic hits playing over the speakers.

^ This is a mural covering a wall in the back room of the shop.

^ Every stylist's station had a tool box covered with "colorful" bumper stickers.

^ You can't see but there is a small gap through the hot towel left for the customer to breathe in the invigorating tea tree oil scent from the shampoo rinse.

^ James with his child-like "I can see you" smirk while patiently waiting for me (and checking his Facebook) to shoot for almost 2 hours.

^ Loved the posters . I guess that's why I had to call the corporate office to get clearance to shoot here. It was well worth it.

^ Co-workers/friends watchin' the boob tube.

^ Even his pooch has a stylish mane.

This gal intrigued me. She seemed so distracted the whole time... kept looking around...

^ and lookin' at herself while deep in thought.

It was a great time; the workers and clients received me well and helped make it a very enjoyable experience. I don't think I'm going to use these for my scholarship submission since I need 10 shots of one event and I think I might have more Coachella shots that I prefer. But nonetheless, a great excuse to take pics and grab some bomb Thai food at Toi's afterward.

The Pad Ciw is scrum-diddly-umptious. I highly recommend.


  1. Very cool place! Crossing my fingers for your scholarship!

  2. amazing shots. love the one with the barber the dude and his dog. <3 adorable.


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