Miami Baptism Photographer | Jacinta becomes a Catholic

A child’s baptism is an important milestone in the life of a Catholic family. Last November 7th, the Diaz family had their youngest daughter, Jacinta, baptized at the St. Patrick Catholic Church in gorgeous Miami, FL.

On this beautiful sun-soaked day, the family was joined by their closest friends to welcome the bubbly 3-year-old Jacinta to the Catholic world.

Jacinta was such a wonder. The camera just loved this sweet, well-behaved little girl who brought a smile to everyone she interacted with that day!

After the ceremony, the tight-knit guest list got together for cocktails at a restaurant patio where they shared stories and laughter.

Mario, Jacinta’s father, also gave a touching speech about the wonderful people who helped them out as they relocated their family from South America to Miami. 

In addition to the afternoon being a celebration of family, friendship, and spirituality, it also served as a testament to the unique bond fathers have with their daughters. 

Here are more of my favorite moments from the day:


To the Diaz Family: Thanks so much for having me be a part of this awesome moment in your family's life story. I can't wait to work with you all again!

- Brenda B.


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