10 Gorgeous Spots in South Florida Where You Should Take Photos

Over the past few years, I've had a blast exploring the nooks and crannies that this wondrous paradise we call South Florida has to offer. Below you'll find just a few of my faves.

Here are my top 10 spots to capture your best moments:

Viscaya Gardens, Miami

If you are a huge fan of historic sites, you can check out Viscaya Gardens. You will experience astounding architecture that transports you to a Tuscan Villa (or somewhere in Europe). The sites are breathtaking with ancient statues so be prepared for an enlightening cultural experience.

There are so many photo sites; it’s so hard to choose as they all are beautiful. From coral structures to grand staircases, to greenery and waterfront, to a sunken ship, and a whole lot more. If you have an ancient theme for your wedding, this is a place to consider. So much charm and elegance in one setting! 

However, there are a few downsides -- they charge a high fee for photographers but if you are not putting on a big production with lights and umbrellas, you are in the safe zone. I typically don't need all the bells and whistles because I'm great with natural light, which means can capture shots at our own leisure without a permit. If you rather scanty venues, then you may not like Viscaya Gardens on weekends and holidays as it can be very crowded.

Bill Baggs State Park, Key Biscayne

At the top of Bill Baggs State Park is the Key Biscayne Lighthouse, which provides a gorgeous backdrop for any special occasion or photo shoot. There are even some unexpected treasures, like lush foliage and this quaint homefront.

It's become a staple for marrying couples during the Pandemic since it's outdoors, B E A U T I F U L, has waterfront views,  AND you can reserve the space for an hour at a time. 

A short walk down the coastline and you will find sandy beaches and even more photogenic angles to capture the lighthouse or just have fun near/in the water.

The Park hours may vary at times and closes whenever it reaches its fullest capacity so we recommend weekdays for photoshoots and reserving ahead of time on the weekends. It may also become very crowded on weekends and holidays and you can see why right? It’s such a gem!

Crandon Park, Key Biscayne

This park is known for its rich coastal environments, birding sites, captivating beach, and outdoor sporting activity sites. If you like to take photos with gorgeous greenery and the ocean waves, then you might love this place. Not to mention the wild peacocks!

You have a variety of backdrops to choose from when creating your photos. There is no room for boring sceneries as you have the beach, trees, cool art/rock sculptures to choose from for your photographs. Here is an even nicer detail- it is completely FREE to use the park!!

The not-so-good news: You will be greeted by mosquitos along the way. So don’t forget your insect repellent or wear clothing that covers your arms and legs. Sometimes you might see lots of algae as well.

Perfect Beach in Hollywood

The Perfect Beach is, well, pretty much perfect - for photoshoots at least. You have the opportunity to choose from multiple dropbacks. There are lovely trees and traditionally woven bridges that you can use to make your photos pop. There is easy parking on weekdays and oh, it is close to the Gorgeous Beach and no doubt the beach is drop-dead gorgeous. You can also hop on over to nearby shooting locations.

You have to cross the street to use the bathroom as there is none at Perfect Beach. Word of advice, empty your bladder before going there. You will thank me later for this advice. 😁

South Pointe Park in South Beach

A beautiful and captivating green space with luscious sceneries for backdrops. You can snap a pic on the rocks that leads right into the ocean. You can read a book and take a nap under the palm trees. If you have kids, there is a playground with attractions that your kids can enjoy. If you walk a short distance, you will find the infamous Art Deco buildings all around nearby which in itself is an architectural wonder.

Like any beautiful park, it can get busy on any day within the week. To transition from one scenery to another can eat up some time, so be sure to schedule at least a 90-minute session if you want to do multiple backgrounds.

Ward Avenue, West Palm Beach

Another beauty with eye-catching architectural sites for you to capture aww moments. You will also find arches for portraits and have a feel of Italy. There are many backdrops to choose from.

This is another long stretch of area to cover so plan on 90-min or 2-hour sessions to get the most of what this avenue has to offer. Weekends and holidays can be a bit crowded. So, if you want more personal space, it’s best to go on weekdays.

Brickell City Center

Experience shopping, dining, and entertainment at its finest. You can capture wonderful moments near the buildings that are constructed with modern and exquisite designs that lure you in. Not to mention the lovely urban landscapes and the sleek city look that gets you feeling like you have won a million bucks.

The city center gets crowded from time to time, so choosing less busy weekday hours is always recommended. Besides, who wouldn’t want to take a glimpse of such landscapes?

Rickenbacker Causeway

This is a great venue for photographers in South Florida to suggest to their clients. There is an awesome view of the city and the ocean that they can get super creative with and make clients’ photos memorable. Oceanic and skyline photos are everything, right? They certainly are! They create a different mood that is beyond explaining.

If you are up for the adventure, a few walks down, you will find an enchanting view of Biscayne Bay. You will also be graced by swaying palm trees. It’s a beach meets city type of experience. Typically you might need to park about a 5-minute-walk away though.

Tree Tops Park in Davie

Love gorgeous trees with hanging vines and Spanish moss? The backdrop options here are endless. There is also a beautiful lake to get more variety and "bang for your buck". If you want to get a bit more adventurous, you can hang in the cool tree houses nearby and capture those moments from various angles. This is the ideal place to take family or even wedding photographs.

Now for the downside. Mosquitoes! Where there is stagnant water, there are mosquitoes. So, again, walk with your repellants. Tree Tops Park can also become crowded on weekends and holidays.

Wynwood Walls

Miami's gorgeous graffiti wall wonderland is a great spot for your next session! Decorated with unadulterated beauty that is worth eyeing. The walls are clothed with various pieces of colorful and hip art. You won’t find this type of display anywhere else in South Florida. If you are interested in knowing the backstory and the significance of each piece of art, there are tour guides available to tell you some juicy stories. Note, the place can become crowded on holidays and weekends.

There you have it- the 10 top photo spots in South Florida that you should consider for taking photos, whether it’s for a portraits session, personal branding, an engagement, or any special event.  Be sure to comment on this post and let us know when you visit any of these spots. We would like to hear from you!

All images were taken by Brenda Bravo (www.bravoimage.com).


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