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Newborn Photography can take many forms depending on the photographer and the family being photographed. My method has always been a more natural and realistic approach, showcasing the family's unique style and facilitating beautiful moments to occur and capture. As a documentary-style photographer, I tell stories of the day-to-day that show my subjects in their best light.

I know that new moms and dads are usually running on little-to-no sleep and so when I arrive, I like to make sure that they have already been informed on what to expect and what to have ready: comfy, photogenic blankets for babe to be photographed on top of or rolled up in; pacifiers, toys, outfits laid out and ready to go; clean rooms with good lighting if possible; etc.

Lali and Tyler were so thrilled with the shoot we had last week that they left me this awesome review:

Brenda truly knows what she’s doing, and makes you feel so comfortable. She works fast without compromising the special moments at hand, so you get a lot for the time you get. Prepare all you want, and she’ll do what you ask, but she really knows how to give direction and take charge. Her choices and suggestions were much appreciated and we were so happy with the finished result. I will definitely be recommending her moving forward. 👍🏽💛

I'm so happy with the images we created during our session and the legacy it'll leave for their family. It was such an honor for me and a really great time. I wish Lali, Tyler, and Cameron nothing but the best. <3 p="">
I leave with you with some of my favorites from the day below:

Southern California Newborn Photography by Brenda Bravo of Bravo Image.


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