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My first time using a selfie stick + go pro set-up. Pretty tricky but we managed to get one non-blurry shot of us in the Plaza de Armas of Historic Downtown Lima on our first night out.

This is Nitza and I at the beginning of our amazing adventure together.

She's my GURL from Southern Cali and I'd been awaiting her visit to Peru ever since she was living in Korea some 4.5 years ago. She has an insatiable appetite for globetrotting, so I knew she'd eventually make it down.

We spent the first weekend in Lima enjoying the city life in all it's pacific coast smoggy splendor. We had some unforgettable moments dancing all night at underground clubs and having jam sessions on the malecón... she loved Lima.

But the main highlight of her visit was to visit the Sacred Valley of Cuzco to explore the Andes and outskirts of the Amazon on a 3-day adventure trek ...

I highly recommend Lorenzo Ependitions if you wanna do some really awesome adventure sports while seeing sights off the beaten path to Machu Picchu. End of June was a great time to go, weather wise.

We mountain biked down the Malaga Pass (4,316 m. / 14,160 ft. above sea level) from the dry cold of the Andes down into the hot, humid jungle town of Huamanmarca. Feeling the climate change as you descend is pretty damn awesome.

It took us about 2.5 hours with breaks every 40 mins, but we rode over 36 miles and it was extremely blissful, especially listening to the sounds of the natural beauty as you breeze down the mountain.

The only photograph/ evidence that we went white water rafting in the Urubamba river (category 4 & 5), which cuts through the Amazon. It was INSANE. We have video footage but it doesn't do it any justice, of course.

After that, we were completely knackered. Well, at least Nitza was. She passed out in some bean bags about 15 feet away from the dinner table of 25 other travelers we had just met that day. 

Power naps are a must. Especially at 4,000 meters!

We stayed in the Lorenzo Lodge in Santa Maria... drank Cusqueñas and played Uno with some med school students that were in our group.

This girl was just lovely. I forget her name but she had such a beautiful energy about her. Very calming presence.. I hope to run into her again one day. She's a wanderlust as well.

The tour guides were hilarious. The Peruvian guy on the left is Tony, and he had just told everyone he was single when we were goin around the tables doing our introductions. Can't blame his tactic...

The two extremely red and Irish boys are brothers (ages 30 and 16) who were traveling together - great people.

Woke up early to drive an hour down to Santa Theresa for zip lining!

jungle brush

Amazonian spider! woahh

This is the view from a guide who was using my camera to take shots while zip lining. I was crapping myself for brief moments thinking about what would happen if he dropped it. Not a good rush.

But the zip lining was fkin' AMAAZING!

We were dangling from a cord on 6 different runs from one side of the valley to the other. Incredibly high up. Even I was nervous - and I'm proud to say I've jumped out a plane. Shit was scary. But in a good way.

Perspective of the guide hanging completely upside down.

"When you see the river, go upright to begin to brake!" - tips for those who wanna hang upside down.

I did it!! Kinda... check out the leather handle strapped to my hand for braking on the line.

Some of them went so fast, we slammed into a wood block to help us brake! Makes you jump a little.

Such gorgeous views of the jungle.

After zip lining, we took a beautiful 3-hour hike through the Aobamba Valley to the small Machu Picchu Pueblo, formerly known as Aguas Calientes.

Because we booked the 3-day trek and not the 4-day, we broke apart from the larger group we started off with and it was just the three of us with the tour guide. It was really nice to go at our own pace and really take in everything.

That's my old high school friend, Anthony, who happened to be roaming around Central and South America for a few weeks and decided to join us for this leg of his trip. 12 year reunion in Peru - that's what I'm talkin 'bout!

This town feels as incredibly relaxing as it looks. The sound of running water and the palpable energy of Machu Picchu and Incan empire all around you. What's not to love?

Anthony didn't love getting an aggressively violent stomach infection right on the eve of our climb up Machu and Wayna Picchu. Luckily we grabbed a concoction of OTC medicine and lots of pedialyte.. and he survived to make it up the mountain!

This is up walking up to the bus up at 4:45 AM. Oy!

But it was definitely worth losing beauty sleep over... to watch the sunrise over the great lost city of the Inkas.

fashionable stranger

We went off the beaten path and explored on our own for a bit. Literally tomb raider status.

We found a grassy terrace to sit and bask in the sun and then proceeded to do 30 minutes of sun salutations in honor of Inti Raymi, the festival of the sun and celebration of the winter solstice.

What we hadn't bargained for was a line of about 30 tourists taking pictures of us from the other side of the ruins! woops. We were really in the zone.

Anthony was feeling queasy and not up to Wayna Picchu, which was about another hour hike 360 meters (1,180 ft) ABOVE Machu Picchu. That huge mountain you see in back of the ruins.. that's the one.

You have to sign in before going up and waive liability in case you fall off...
tying up all those loose ends.

And man - was it some hike! Here we are taking a moment to catch our breath.

I looked up and saw this older fella snapping pics and motivated Nitza to get her butt going again - "If that old guy can do this, SO CAN WE!"

It was my second time doing the treacherous climb, and it definitely hasn't gotten any easier!

But I knew the payoff would be well worth it.

And we weren't the least bit modest in celebrating our victory.

We were HIGH. like, for reals.

Nitza held her composure (not the biggest fan of heights) for about 30 seconds, just long enough for a few clicks.

Then it was time to head back down to the ruins...

I achieved the perfect llama + machupicchu selfie. *woohoo*

We forked out $100 USD to take the train back to Cuzco. I expected a hot meal at least... Nope.

But at least they sold beer.

Back in town, strolling around the next day.

The light is gorgeous in Cuzco.

A truly beautiful Andean city in the heart of the Sacred Valley. I recommend everyone visit at least once in their lifetime. You won't regret it!

To round out an already transformative experience, we decided to get tattoos right off the main plaza at Cuzco Ink. I chose planetary symbols for the sun and the moon representing the masculine and feminine energies of the universe and as a reminder for balance and harmony.

Nitza, who popped her tattoo cherry that day, designed a monogram with the initials of her lil fam (husband and adorable kid) and then mirrored it to further confuse people. It's personal, makes sense.

Thanks for reading the blog! Hope you enjoyed and get inspired to Go Somewhere New!

Peace & Light, B


  1. Your pictures are incredible! Now I just have to convince my husband to make that adventure trek with me!


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