The Power of Focus

You know that feeling when you get out of a shitty relationship or an awful job and you look back and say to yourself, "What the $&! was I thinking?!"

Perspective is a shifty son of a bitch. You can change your mind from one moment to the next and see things completely differently, if you really want to. What you do with that ability is up to you.

We can have, do, be whatever we want in this life. It's all a matter of focus and perception.

When we value our commitments -- our word -- above our emotions (which can be fleeting), we can truly grow and achieve whatever we believe is in our reach.

We take our greatness for granted too much. If God does indeed live through us, then we must be capable of great things.  It's all a matter of believing in it and shifting focus.

The new year brings a sense of opportunity for another chance... like a RESET button, if you will. To start again. To start with more wisdom and more focus then ever. The trick is maintaining that driven focus all year-long.

If we just make it our intention to stay FOCUSED and not beat ourselves up over any slip-ups when we get off track; if we instead just dusted ourselves... and tried again (thanks, Aaliyah), I think we'd be OK. better than OK -- we can make 2015 ours.

One of my resolutions is time management and setting clear monthly objectives in order to plan ahead and achieve them.  I'm kind of a workaholic because I work from home and can jump on and start working on whatever it is that needs to be done at any given hour. I need to designate work blocks for myself. And decrease playtime with my cats during those hours... just a lil' bit.

Where will your focus shift to this year?


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