Juanito's - A legend re-awakens.

There's always something comforting about returning to a city you love and finding it's landmarks still intact. So when your favorite watering hole and sandwich stop that's been around for over 70 years shuts down, you can't help but feel a little bewildered and out of sorts.  Two years ago, my friends and I stood dumbfounded at the closed doors of Juanito's.
Juanito's was an age-old tradition for anyone who loves Barranco, the smallest (and most charming) district in Lima, Peru.  My dad's been coming here since before he could look over the counter while ordering un sandwich con jamón del país.  It's where some of my first great friendships were cultivated when I first moved to Lima three years ago and a meeting point that started and ended so many unforgettable Limeño evenings.

And tonight, it's RE-OPENING

I'll update with some pictures of our first pisco sours and sandwiches (if they aren't devoured too quickly) to celebrate the resurrection of this Barranquino ritual! 


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