Showtime | Chaclacayo Wedding part II

A few weeks ago, I posted photos from one of the most emotionally-charged weddings I've ever photographed. I barely knew the couple prior to their big day, but I felt very involved and inspired by the love I could see and feel between them.

Here are the rest of my favorite photos from that day:

Aside from reciting their own beautifully written vows to one another, they each played a song that summed up their love and really had the crowd in tears. They even got the photographer misty-eyed. 

After the ceremony we went off into the lush greenery surrounding the villa for another private photo session.

I absolutely love their genuine smiles. 

Then it was time to head back to the reception...

But before the food and surprises, the couple greeted their balloon-bearing guests from the balcony for a toast to celebrate the beginning of their new life together.

And then it was time for the Best Man to speak...

He was the first of many who gave the newlyweds an incredibly thoughtful and original gift.  Below is a framed mosaic photo of the two, composed of hundreds of tiny photos from all of the road trips he and Jeroen have taken over the years.

I thought this was a nice touch and a great way to utilize our photo session from a few months prior; they had turned my photos of them into small place cards for guests with a lovely personal message inside each one.

His father's speech was accompanied by not only toasts of Pisco Sour and delicious wine, but with a video slideshow. 

The bright sun had made it difficult to watch the slideshow on the projection screen as they had planned, so instead they had the family gather around the laptop on the main table and it worked out just fine.

As you can see, even my boyfriend, Álvaro, was tickled by his father's comedic presentation.

Both sets of parents had printed out their speeches in both Spanish and English for the multilingual guests. They were all entertaining and quite lovely.

Mabel's parents gifted Jeroen's folks a special Peruvian keepsake to take back home with them to Holland. 

In celebration of their own 40th wedding anniversary, which they had planned out to fall on the same day, Jeroen's parents joined the couple in cutting their wedding cake. So sweet!

Group shot tip: Try to make sure everyone's face is visible! Good thing I have more shots from this scene, but I still like the energy in this one a lot.

A good assistant, like a good man, is hard to find. Luckily, I get two in one!

Comedy Sketch Hour!

Jeroen's Dutch friends impersonated the newlyweds in a hilarious half-hour sketch that provided a trip down memory lane and a valuable lesson at the end for the couple.

Their non-religious ceremony was officiated by their comedic actor friend, Lucho, who gave a short stand-up bit and a sweet little speech to add to the sentiment.

Jeroen's parents and sister led a cheerful sing-a-long in Dutch and Spanish of a family song that was re-written especially for the newlyweds.

Then it was time for the Peruvian tradition of the HORA LOCA -- an hour of silliness that usually features clowns or different themed characters that hand out balloons, party hats and costume pieces, and blast confetti to really kick off many a party in Peru. I admit the clowns were unsettling at first, but I've become quite accustomed to it now. It's actually quite fun and gets the whole party dancing.

The festivities lasted into the night and ended with a fabulous little firework show -- another surprise gift from their Dutch friends -- that I was able to make a short video of.

Now it's time to start editing the movie from this momentous occasion. I'll also be updating my site and facebook page with more weddings and events very soon. Stay tuned!


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