Escape from the Ordinary

Oct. 7th, 2011:
For my 26th birthday, we left the grey Lima weather behind and escaped for a weekend to the magnificent desert oasis of Huacachina.

The greatest part about traveling during the off-season is that there are hardly any tourists and hardly ANYBODY near the lagoon after midnight. And this was on a Friday night. It was nice to find complete peace and quiet. 

Damn, I am getting older...

^ Our hostal, The Silva House, was 20 soles (about $7) a head per night in a big shared room with 5 beds.
Everything was going fine until the second night when someone flooded the bathroom near our room and they blamed us and tried to give us shit about it... the service for food is painfully slow too. I love that it's so empty and spacious but I won't be going back there next time. The sisters who manage the place are immature and unprofessional... and just plain bitchy.

ahhh... and then it was finally time for buggy rides and sand-boarding

I love my friends.  It's always good to get-away with a drama-free bunch.

taking a break during Pisco-tasting in Ica on Sunday

^ pre-Columbian clay pots, called "pisqueras", that are used to ferment pisco grapes

^ a yummy veggie omelet with rice for lunch 

^ Lomo saltado

Alvaro and I were the last two to leave and spent our last relaxing afternoon in Huacachina eating good food, listening to tunes and hangin' out with some talented artisan vagabonds near the lagoon.

And then it was time to say farewell to our desert paradise and head back to Lima...

I gave the bus-attendant a copy of Fear and Loathing to pop in and the whole bus watched it during our drive back...
 I passed out within the first half hour, but I'm sure it would've been hilarious to watch the Peruvian passengers' faces as they watched the twisted flick.
Good times.


  1. love these shots! esp the desert ones, just amazing landscape.

  2. thanks girl! I appreciate it... it was truly breath-taking being there!


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