Surgery of the Sea

This poem was brought to my attention by a fellow reflective soul and humanitarian photojournalist Ying Ang:

The surgery of the sea by Erica Jong

At the furthermost reach of the sea
Where Atlantis sinks under the wake of the waves,
I have come to heal my life.

I knit together like a broken arm.
The salt fills in the crevices of bone.
The sea takes all fragments of my lives
& grinds them home.

I wake up in a waterbed with you,
The sea is singing & my skin
sings against your skin.
The waves are all around us & within.
We sleep stuck to each other's salt.

I am healing in your arms.
I am learning to write without the loss of love.
I am growing deeper lungs here by the sea.
The waves are knives; they glitter & cut clean.

This is the sea's surgery.
This is the cutting & the healing both.
This is where bright sunlight warms the bone,
& fog erases us, then makes us whole.

© Brenda Bravo 2011


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