hair today, paycheck tomorrow

Each year, the International Spa & Salon Expo (ISSE) at the Long Beach Convention Center brings over 40,000 buzzing beauty professionals swarming to get schooled on the latest and greatest in all things hair, nail, and skin related. The discounts on products are pretty damn good too!

And each year, I get paid to be a "hair model". In other words, I agree to let a master stylist from some big name hair company chop my tresses on stage for educational purposes in exchange for a few benjamins.  Not a bad gig, if ya ask me.

This year it was Clairol Professional.

I was a lil perturbed about the 6AM call time when I found out my show time wasn't until 2PM... but we weren't allowed to leave. Bastards.

So, that meant A LOT of waiting around, brief naps on small corners of the carpet outside of the make-up room, watching Vanilla Sky on my laptop, and getting acquainted with the other models who turned out to be really cool chicks and are now my Facebook friends :)  

Luckily, I brought my lil Canon Rebel XT to keep me entertained as well.


Cutting demonstration at the Wella booth

^ My stylist! Whose name escapes me... Fernando?? He was awesome.

^ one of the lovely presentation models. That means she stands around and lets people touch her hair while we, demo models, get our hair cut on stage. I'm sure they wanna touch more than her hair though... she's enticing, no?

^ walking around the expo, always fun finds. I didn't have much time to walk around this year though. 

^ Freshly dyed hair, ready to get my cut on stage!


^ Walking around after my show was done, collecting as many free samples as my hands could grab!

^  Good Hair

New hair = narcissistic tendencies and new self-portraits.

Life's tough.


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