Kadıköy's Underground Puppetry

June 20-26th, 2010:

I attended my first Foundry Workshop this year in the big, beautiful, transcontinental city of Istanbul, Turkey. 

During that time, I shot many, many frames, ate tons of döner, took a multimedia class with the great Tewfic El-Sawy, and made friends with a lot of good people.

I even met some Anarchist puppeteers at a cafe across the way from the Cultural Center where the workshop was held. Yes, Anarchist puppeteers.  They call themselves MaskIstanbul and are all about making art with a positive message and performing for the people, not "the man". 

Check out the multimedia piece I presented on the final day of our workshop. And yes, that is my congested, monotone voice you hear. Turn it up for the best effect. 



  1. Brenda Bravo, your love for photography and your passion for the world — digitally and otherwise - at the Foundry, was and continues to be such an inspiration. Never stop 'shooting!' :)

    You're undeniably good and I am glad we met and will hopefully cross paths, again - soon! :)



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