on the other side of the pond

Ten hours in the air, Two hours lugging my stuff all around London, and One 5-Hour Energy drink later... I've finally arrived.

I'm back in Europe, once again, since I last studied photography for a summer in Barcelona and toured through Italy back in '07. This is my first time visiting the UK though, and soon, I'll be in Istanbul, Turkey!!

What brought me here? you might ask...

Well, I first heard about the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop last June when I attended the Look3 workshop and festival in Charlottesville, Virginia. I made friends with former students of Foundry and they highly recommended it to me. It's a low-cost tuition (relatively speaking) workshop comprised of amazing, award-winning instructors that takes place in a different part of the world each year. Last year it was India, the year prior to that it was Mexico City, and this year- ISTANBUL! I signed up and paid in full months ago... and now I'm here. Staying in London for one more night, then off to Turkey for ten days.

London is beautiful. The fashions, the crisp air, the old ass buildings, the new ones- it's just EUROPE. Damn it's good to be back.

I really need to go to sleep, I have a jam-packed day ahead of me tomorrow. I'm too tired to even stay up and watch the Lakers win the championship, but I will definitely catch the highlights tomorrow. Have fun celebrating on the other side of the pond. Premature for me to say already, but it's called faith. Got loads of it... my boys are golden.

I leave with you a little tid-bit of London, a picture I took this evening on London Bridge.

Ta for now!


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