Mi Corazón es Peruano

I slip on a light jacket and throw my camera bag over my shoulder.
One wave goodbye to my humbly adorable grandmother...

and I'm off to explore the colorful, bohemian streets of Barranco, one of the 43 districts that comprise the capitol city of Lima, Peru.

With one headphone in ear, I step out onto Avenida Grau.

The air is thick with moisture and the pungent, salty aroma of the sea unavoidably brings a smile to my lips.  Not only am I back in my favorite city in the world, but my grandmother's house is a mere two blocks away from the cliffs that overlook the ocean.

 I walk further down the street... past street merchants, small shops, and bakeries. My nostrils are greeted by smells of fresh breads, pionono con majarblanco, alfajores,rosquitas, and other sinfully good pastries.

I'm instantly salivating.

It’s a beautiful day and I feel very fortunate to be with my Peruvian friends and family once again and so proud of my fascinating heritage.



(Sorry folks, come back soon!)


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