Rockin out in Hollywood

The majority of my life's awesomeness has stemmed from spontaneity.

It usually begins with a phone call that opens like this: "Hey! What are you doing tonight?"

I received one of these promising phone calls from my friend, Quinn, on a beautifully grey Friday afternoon on the 19th of February. I hadn't a clue to who The Red Paintings were, let alone how great their music was until I got the heads up from Quinn about a free show they were performing at the Key Club that very night.

Based on the pictures from their previous shows, it looked like a damn good time and $Free-ninety-free was just within my price range ;)

I invited my fellow camera-happy friend, Victor, to tag along with me and we met up with the band's manager (Quinn's previous employer and good friend) prior to the show for backstage access to get some pictures of the band prepping for the performance.

Here's a slideshow of the pictures from that night, it includes some of the other bands that opened for them, Paper Zoo and Ironheel:

The Red Paintings' performance was an amazing, multi-layered art experience. There were so many elements that captivated the eyes and ears...

At one moment I was entranced by the emotional melody of the violin and cello, and the next I was head-bangin' to some heavy guitar thrashing.

It was a blast. Such a great treat and a break from the ordinary.

I shot this show with my lil Rebel XT before I bought my Canon 5-D MkII last week so I wasn't able to record video, like I can now, but will do so at the next show coming up on March 19th in LA. Check out their myspace page: for more information about the band and to see them for yourselves. You won't be disappointed! Unless you're dead inside.... otherwise, Rock on!

Hasta pronto, B


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