catchin' up

Dear Friends,

It's been a hot minute since I've posted anything up on here that I felt was worth sharing. I just took down a previous entry that I had created about the Nike Human Race I ran back in October because I didn't feel that it was authentically written- it didn't feel like "me".

I've been getting a better sense of what is me recently and, as a result, I am confident my photography and writing will reflect that.

My life has been continually filled with amazing opportunities, inspiring individuals and conversations, self-revelations, and an overall uplift in spirit and energy. Basically, I feel like I'm on top of the fuckin' world! Pardon me, but only the F bomb could suffice in describing my enthusiasm- life is pretty damn good.

I will be updating this blog regularly, so please follow me on here if you haven't done so already and leave comments if you feel ever so inclined. I greatly appreciate any constructive criticism or insights you may have.

I'm off to the gym for now, but I leave you with a couple recent shots that you may have seen on my Facebook already, but am pleased to post once more (excuse the low resolution, future posts will be better).

^ Tattoo shop in West Hollywood

^ Destinee, a very close friend of mine

^ UCLA Hammer Museum

^ Santa Monica Pier

^ Santa Monica Pier

^ still Santa Monica, pretty much my 2nd home.

^ The Getty Center

Love & Blessings, B


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